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Our services can easily enhancethe mobile application business of publishers and advertisers




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Our services can easily enhancethe mobile application business of publishers and advertisers

It mainly includes interaction, offerwall business, advertiser business and traditional advertising business

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Our product line includes advertiser services, advertising monetization services (offerwall, interactive, traditional advertising forms), etc. Among them, the incentive offerwall has a significant effect.


What is offerwall? How do offerwall ads work?

The offerwall is an in-app advertising unit that app developers use to monetize their apps. It acts like a mini-store in an app, listing multiple “offers” that users can complete in exchange for receiving an in-app reward. For example, users can receive extra in-app coins if they choose to register a username, get to level 25 on a game, make an in-app purchase, and more on the offerwall.

The mobile offerwall is completely user initiated, meaning that users choose whether or not they want to engage with the offerwall. Either, users access the offerwall by clicking on traffic drivers, which are placed in various locations, such as the menu or the store, or users are prompted to engage with the offerwall when they are low on hard currency and would like to proceed with the game.

The offerwall is a great mobile monetization strategy for any micro-payment freemium app. They work particularly well for mobile games, such as mid-core RPG and strategy games, as well as casual games like puzzle, arcade, and lifestyle.

Boost ad revenue

Offerwalls can significantly increase your app revenue. They deliver extremely high eCPMs for app developers. eCPMs for Android in the US can reach up to $940. That’s because advertisers are willing to pay high amounts of money for deep events and quality users.

Improve user experience

The offerwall is completely opt-in, meaning users choose whether or not they want to engage with it. Because they’re user-initiated, offerwalls don’t disrupt the app flow or the user experience. In fact, they can improve the user experience because they give users access to premium content without needing to pay.

Increase retention

Offerwall engagement is correlated with strong user retention. That’s because offerwalls keep users playing the game for longer – instead of quitting once they’re out of coins, users can access the offerwall to get the premium content they need to continue playing. In fact, retention among offerwall users is 5-7x higher than non-offerwall users, at the D7, D14, and D30 marks.

How do offerwall ads work?

Once you integrate an offerwall into your mobile game or app, you’ll be able to add UI elements that help users find offers when they want them, such as “Earn Free Currency” buttons. These elements may be placed anywhere, but they are most effective in the store, main menu, or “Game Over” screens. Upon launching your offerwall, users see a list of objectives which they may choose to complete in exchange for in-app currency or bonuses. This list refreshes daily so that well-retained players receive new offers. An offerwall may include options to: Complete in-app engagements (Ex: Level completion, app registration) Complete an action via mobile web (Ex: Start a trial or subscription, make a purchase) Engage with an interactive end card (Ex: Branded mini-game) Complete a user research survey via MobileVoice Please note that the types of offers differ between iOS and Android. Please review both platforms to see the unique experience each one presents. The Tapjoy Offerwall gives publishers complete control over the ads and offers that users receive. You’ll be free to optimize the offer selection for your audience and, by extension, maximize ad revenue. The amount of virtual currency paid to users for completing offers varies depending on the exchange rate set by the publisher, and on advertiser bids.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Advertisers don’t pay for installs, but rather for a specific event in the game (for example, reach level 5 or harvest 2 crops). The CPE pricing model allows advertisers to buy at scale cost-effectively.

Offerwall users are dedicated players who have a desire to progress in the game, meaning in comparison to users acquired from other channels, a user acquired through an offerwall has a higher chance of playing the game for longer.

Users acquired through the offerwall go on to generate higher revenue, making in-app purchases while also engaging with other ad formats in addition to the offerwall.